Shutout - online ice hockey manager

Shutout manager is a brand new on-line ice hockey game where you can build your own hockey club, challenge other managers and lead your franchise to the success. Unlike other games you are not obliged to represent the country you come from. The selection is only up to you which gives you an opportunity to realize your hockey dream outside of your home country. Every season teams can be promoted or relegated from their league based on the final ranking. Along the league, you participate in national cup and the best teams join the international cups. Lastly, every country has its own national team. The national teams meet several times per season to prepare for the World Cup. It might be even your players who will be the part of the World Cup winning team!

What do you need?

Shutout manager is a browser game which means you do not have to install any additional software. All you need is internet connection and you can manage your team from anywhere!

What can you expect in the future?

Shutout manager is full of ideas how to spice the game up so you can look forward to the new features of the game being added regularly. The game is growing and so does the game options. The game is being translated into new languages so most of the players can enjoy playing in their mutual tongue.

What is so cool about Shutout manager?

It is completely free to play!

What are you waiting for? Sign up, create your team and prove you are the best!